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Karoo Hiking Trails

Your day is designed to be as exciting or relaxing as you wish.

Children Entertainment

We are a child friendly facility and love children. There is a jungle gym, swimming pool, kids games and toys at the main lodge. There are also short informative nature walks.

Mountain Biking Trails

This is a 4x4 trail that is also suitable for mountain-biking. The trail is in the foothills of the Nueweveld Mountains and offers a number of serious rock obstacles, rapid descents and steep climbs as well as flat areas . The mountain route is definitely not for the novice cyclist but there are many routes in the flatter areas for novice riders. Spectacular mountain scenery along the way provides the added bonus of game-viewing opportunities. Possible sightings include blue wildebeest, blesbuck,eland, springbok, red hartebeest, rhebok and zebra.

  • Bergplaats Biking Trails

Hiking Trails

We have 1and 2 day hiking trails at Bergplaats and can offer novices a slackpacker option or we offer very strenuous mountain trails with some mountain climbing involved. We also have short 1-3 hour trails for clients just wanting to enjoy nature as well as children.

  • Hiking Trails
  • Hiking Trails

Target Shooting

Target Shooting is using either a Rifle, Pistol, Air Pistol or Shotgun to Shoot Pellets / Bullets at a Target. In a safe environment. The Target is either Paper, Card or Electronic for Rifle and Pistol, or for Shotgun the target is called a "bird".

Night Game Drives

The Karoo is completely different in the dark. With a spotter and a light we look and listen for the animals, it�s an amazing experience. Animal behavior is quite different at night so observing the animals in the dark is a big part of any safari.

Landing Strip

We have a landing strip that can be used by privately chartered aeroplanes.

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  • Landing Strip

Matjiesfontein Village

This historic village has a rich background, dating back to its roots in the late nineteenth century. From its ties with the Boer War, to the pioneering spirit engendered by its founder, James Logan, it is steeped in the history of an era, the echoes of which still reverberate through the streets and buildings. A double-decker London Bus makes a daily tour of the Matjiesfontein Village.

  • Matjiesfontein Village
  • Matjiesfontein Village

Karoo National Park

Large herds of antelope and abundant bird life. The Park offers a Fossil Trail, which has wide walkways for wheel chairs and Braille board inscriptions for the convenience of the blind and taped commentary is available for disabled visitors who have their own cassette players. Gondwanaland is explained, and along this 400m route, there are superb examples of fossilised mudstone, silified trees and a wide variety of fossils, most of which have been found in the Beaufort Series of rock formations.

  • Karoo National Park
  • Karoo National Park

Indemnity: While every precaution will be taken to ensure the well-being of our clients, Bergplaats will not be responsible for any injury, loss or accident for the duration of your stay. (Click here to download Indemnity form)

Three things are important to remember:

  • you will not be in an area where you can purchase forgotten items, the climate and terrain can change drastically. The weight and bulk of your luggage should be manageable as most international airlines allow only 20kg per person and overweight charges can be very unpleasant. Try to pack everything in one bag per person plus a small carry-on bag for your personal items.

  • Bush clothes should be comfortable and hard-wearing in cotton and in colours of khaki, sand or bush green. Delicate fabrics are not recommended. Footwear should be well worn in before you leave home.

  • Remember that your guides are a wealth of information, do not hesitate to extract all you can from them, it is their job. Forget home and enjoy the time you have in nature whatever you are doing.


  • Aircraft and vehicles are maintained in the highest mechanical order and we regret that we cannot be held responsible for any breakdown which may occur.

  • We will maintain reasonable care and precaution for your safety, however, we accept no responsibility for any illness, loss, negligence, accidents by road or air, nor any expense arising from such illness, accident or loss.

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